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Khoo Consulting is an Elevate Business Specialist* offering:

  • Marketing services for established businesses
  • Brand strategy
  • Product marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Website creation on pre-built platforms

*Specialist services require that you have a business plan in place. If you do not have a business plan in place, please contact an advisor that provides business planning and assessment.

*Note: Elevate Business advisors provide professional consulting only. Any fees associated with websites, technology, or ongoing costs of implementing advisor recommended strategies such as marketing, websites or software the sole responsibility of the business owner. 


Additional Information

Khoo Consulting LLC helps organizations solve their business problems through 20 years of comprehensive marketing and communications experience. Khoo Consulting’s capabilities include increasing growth and revenue, brand design and positioning, media relations, community and public engagement. Our process of using data to inform strategies includes integrating deep-level diversity practices that reflect and resonate with audiences from all backgrounds and experiences. We educate clients so they are in full control of their decisions and collaborate with them to move those decisions to action. Khoo Consulting LLC is a certified target market woman-owned small business, with a Certification in Diversity and Inclusion.

We collaborate with clients to manage risk and prepare their businesses for robust growth.

Health - City of Minneapolis

Free technical assistance services are available to businesses in Hennepin County from this provider  through Hennepin County investment in Elevate Business and City of Minneapolis Small Business Technical Assistance Program (B-TAP). Contact this provider via the “connect” button above or visit Elevate Business HC and Minneapolis BTAP to learn more.


This is a testimonial for Poh Lin Khoo. My name is DipankarMukherjee and I am the artistic director of Pangea World Theater, based inMinneapolis, MN. Pangea is a professional theater which locates it’s work atthe intersection of social justice and arts. Pangea celebrated 25 years of itsgrowth and work in 2020. It is during this time of our assessment and criticalself - reflection as an organization that we benefited from the professionalexpertise of Poh Lin Khoo.

Poh Lin engaged with the artistic leaders and the staff ofPangea, gathered our story and took us through a journey of taking inventory,gathering knowledge of our public engagement through social media and providedus valuable feedback and strategies for stronger branding and marketing.

Poh Lin’s expertise also lies in her cultural understandingand sensitivity of being an immigrant which equips her to view the field bothas an outsider and with deep knowledge of the steps and strategies for strongerbranding in the field. Poh Lin’s multipronged strategies, which provides aholistic engagement for the magnification of the “name “or “brand “of Pangea,included, brand placement, social media, usage, and placement of logo,centering the profile of the artistic leaders of the organization, to name afew. With her advice and guidance, Pangea the fundraiser of Pangea’s 25-yearcelebration surpassed its goal. Pangea celebrated its “25 days for 25 years“initiative and increased our individual donor base and audience membersdramatically.

Pangea as an organization has deeply benefited from PohLin’s branding and marketing knowledge and guidance. Individually I have deeprespect for her sensitivity and stand for equity of presence for all. She hasthe ability to assess, analyse and demystify any challenges through simplestrategies which yields measurable impact. 

Dipankar Mukerjee
Pagea World Theater

Poh Lin has made me feel prioritized and powerful. I amyoung, new to building a business, and she has helped me organize all theimportant details that come with starting a small business, as well asencourage and motivate me to confidently move forward. I truly believe that PohLin believes in me, what I do, and that she wants me to succeed! She has becomea great reference and resource, and I hope we keep in contact.
Mason Persons (Mason Modiste)
Weaver of fabrics and stories

Poh Lin was really helpful in opening ours eyesup to all the liabilities we were opening our business up to. Thanks to her wehave a better idea of what direction we need to be heading in. I stronglyrecommend any startup definitely have at least one meeting with her.
Anna Mangue
AM Homes 

Poh Lin Khoo andher consulting firm came to the rescue of our new charity, the Minnesota Men’sSheds, when we were just starting out and trying forward. We were struggling tocreate a purpose and identity, while at the same time trying to understand ourfuture clients and prioritize all of the things new company’s need to do. Wejust weren’t able to get our organization, “off the ground.”

Poh Lin is an excellent facilitator and trainer andreally helped build the Board as a team. She was able several timesto help the Board come to consensus agreement on many thorny issues that couldhave swamped our boat and fallen apart even before we’d be able to offer ourservices to diverse and under-served communities.

By the time Poh Linfinished consulting with us, we had organized a cooperative working Board ofDirectors. I would be happy to recommend her as an advisor to any formative orestablished organization and its members.

Philip Johnson MSS PMP

Managing Director

US Men's Sheds Association



Education & Training,
Freelance Services,
Health & Medical,
HR & Administrative Services,
Impact & Social Enterprise,
Management & Consulting,
Marketing & Communications


0 Employees - Startup,
1 - 5 Employees - Micro Enterprise,
6 - 20 Employees - Early Growth,
0 Employees - Idea,
10 - 99 Employees - Second Stage

Communities of Interests:

Middle Eastern North African (MENA),
Returning Citizen,
Person with a physical disability,
Person with a cognitive disability,
Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, Malay, Cantonese, Indonesian


Marketing - Brand Strategy, Marketing - Digital Marketing, Marketing - DIY Advertising, Marketing - Online & Print Public Relations, Marketing Services, Service Type - One on One Advising, Marketing - Communications, Marketing & Public Relations, Marketing - Design Services, Marketing - Sales & Customer Acquisition, Marketing - Social Media, Marketing - Web Development, Marketing - Visibility & Demo


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Name: Poh Lin Khoo

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