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Oklahomans Solving the Global Water Crisis

Community Hub: Launch OKC Metro


The global water crisis claims about 3.4 million people every single year. That’s because 2.1 billion people lack access to clean water and on top of that 34% of the world’s population lack improved sanitation facilities.

However, Water4, an Oklahoma nonprofit has made it its mission to make those statistics a thing of the past. Water 4 believes that this crisis cannot be solved with charity alone, but rather action, education, and implementation of clean water standards on the ground in these affected areas. That’s why they take the solution to the communities affected and partner with them to maintain their own clean water systems which helps to create a water infrastructure that is sustainable. And they do this with parts manufactured in Oklahoma City.

Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell talks with CEO and President of Water 4, Matt Hangen to learn more. Its quite a story of how a local nonprofit is using innovation to change the world and give people in other countries a chance at entrepreneurship.




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