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Diverse Financing Options

Community Hub: Elevate Business HC, TEST Elevate Business DC


Learn how century-old Asian Hui (Lending Circle) is gaining popularity. Lending Circles are often rooted in cultural and immigrant communities. Each lending circle is made up of six to ten individuals who collectively create a group loan. There can be a set interest rate, sometimes open-bid for higher interest rate, if someone needs the funding. Each member makes the same monthly payment, and each month, the total collected is paid out to one member or an outside bidder with higher interest rate. That continues until each participant has received the loan with interest and fee-free. Come to learn what has improved and what's the same, and how you can involve and access this alternative way of financing for your business. This webinar targets business with revenue under $250,000.

This webinar is hosted by Elevate Business HC and presented by Asian Media Access.


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