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Designing A Business Model with Liz Giel

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You don’t know the rules. You can’t see the path. You don’t even know what you don’t know. Learn from seasoned, savvy trailblazers and get your business baby off the ground! The Build a Business Series is a deep dive into the start of your business from crafting your idea, to where to find start-up resources, and how to build a solid legal foundation. Getting into a Business Model Mindset - Join Liz Giel, Coven co-founder + partner, entrepreneur and marketing strategist in this four-episode series on designing your own business model. Starting a business is tough, so creating a model that will help you assess the structure and function of your business is key. Tune in to this episode to help you focus your business goals and the direction you want to move toward! Interested in learning more? Introduction to Business Finance.

This is the first of a series. At the end of the episode instructions will be provided to gain access to the remaining episodes in this series.


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