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PRIDE EDITION: Queer Foodie with Kareem Queeman

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Kareem Queeman joins The EntreQueerNeur Show with Asa Leveaux to discuss LGBTQ+ representation in the food industry.

Kareem Queeman, affectionately known as Mr. Bake began his sweet journey in the kitchen alongside his grandmother at 5 years old. Growing up in the historic Sugar Hill neighborhood in Harlem NY, Kareem got a first hand look into family traditions and cultural favorites as he spent weekends enthralled in family events, which almost always involved food & cakes. At the tutelage of his grandmother, family recipes and the delicious restaurants & bakeries in Harlem, Kareem began preparing to further advance himself in both cakes & pastries.


Asa Leveaux


Food & Beverage, Food Network


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