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Operation Startup - New Member

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Operation Startup is an early stage ideation lab that converts energetic early stage Veteranpreneurs (Veteran Entrepreneurs) into action. We serve Hillsborough Community College students, members of the general public working on an entrepreneurial venture with a social impact, We specialize in working with Veterans that have social entrepreneurial businesses or business ideas (for profit and nonprofit enterprises that leverage a business to solve a societal problem) active duty military service members, Veterans, Reservists, and their spouses. Operation Startup is a partnership between Hillsborough Community College (HCC) and Hillsborough County. We offer a wide range of services, including, but not limited to: 1) High impact workshops, 2) Business mentorship and advice, 3) Formal academic programs, 4) A series of annual events, 5) Co-working space, 6) Access to our "Everyday Entrepreneur Seed Fund" (dependent upon completion of one of our college credit entrepreneurship academic programs, and 7) Much more.

This application is designed to help us help you track through the resources available at Operation Startup. Whether you are currently in business and generating revenue (sales), or at an earlier idea stage where you are searching for a functional business model, try to answer these questions honestly, as best you are able. Some of the questions may not apply to your circumstance, while others may relate to your business, and you may simply not know the answer. There are no right or wrong answers. The information you provide will help us to develop a curriculum for you to track through, activities and research you may need to complete, and general business background so we can provide the best guidance

Operation Startup membership requires three steps.

1. Complete this membership application online.
2. Meet with a member of the Operation Startup team to complete a screening process. This can be done in-person (preferred method), or via phone or video conferencing.
3. Attend an Operation Startup orientation.

Do you know what you cost structure is, or what you expect it to be?
Where will you focus your sales and marketing prospects?
Are you familiar with using an income statement?
Are you familiar with using a balance sheet?
Are you familiar with using a statement of cash flows?
Do you have financial statements (projected or actual) that you track and update regularly?
If you are a new business that has not yet started, have you estimated your startup expenses?
Do you know what your break even point is?
Do you know what your gross and operating profit margins are?
Do you have a social component to your business venture?
Do you currently have any marketing collateral?
Do you have a website?
Please select any of the following educational institutions you have or are currently attending.*
Check all that apply to you.
Operation Startup serves military Veterans and their families. Are you affiliated with the military?*
Please select your affiliation with the military.
What branch of the military do/did you serve?
Are you currently transitioning out of the military?
What is your main reason for visiting our website today?*
Have you participated in any: 1) HCC Operation Startup services and programs, 2) Programs or services offered through the Hillsborough County Entrepreneur Collaborative Center, and/or 3) Other Community Events and programs? Please select all that apply.*
Do you currently own and/or operate a business?*
What stage within the business development cycle do you feel your business currently falls?*
Who else is working with you to develop this business?*
Have you generated any revenue (sales)?*
If you have generated revenue, how much?
In what period of time have you generated this revenue?
Have you formed one of these legal business entities?*

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